Aloha! Guys, let’s go to the “mother city”, Cape Town. Located southwest coast of South Africa, this sea side metropolis is home to adventure seekers from all over the world. The welcoming attitude of the “Capetonians” has gotten it being named as the 8th friendliest city in the world. When your vacation is between December-March and you wish to do something different, then take a trip down to the mother city. Fun and adventure galore. Explore Cape Town with us. Its seetheworldwithbella!!! Tag along.

CAPE TOWNOne of the most visited tourist places in Cape Town is the Table Mountain. Tourists climb this unique mountain for different purposes; for the great view, weddings, proposals, parties etc. There are secluded spots for relaxation at every peak. Those who prefer not to sweat (like myself, lol) can join the cable cars and still enjoy the sweeping sights. Trust me, going all the way up of this New7Wonders of Nature is a MUST!


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Make your way to the lion head mountain for a full-moon hike. Take a walk on the wild side and climb up at dusk to enjoy panoramic views. Although this spectacular walk can be quite steep at times, the stunning Cape Town view at each step keeps you going because you want to see more. It’s a perfect location for taking photographs of the Cape Peninsula and Robben Island.1024px-Lion's_Head_from_Signal_HillLHThe history lovers should take a boat and head to Robben Island known for its notorious prison where great men of South Africa were prisoners including the late Nelson Mandela. It is now a living museum with lots of history to tell. You get to enjoy spectacular scenery as well during your boat ride to the Island.

roben islandN.Mandela in his cell on Robben Island (revisit} 19942304714195_900b2f07c9_zExperience a garden life like never before at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The sweet scented flowers and the green vegetation that Mother Nature has to offer will just blow your mind. Its super lovely out there. You get to enjoy an aerial walk on the treetop canopy walkway called the “Boomslang”. To describe the feeling from up there in one word, MAGNIFICENT!

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On a family vacation? Plan a trip to the Ratanga junction, the perfect place to spend a family day out. You get to spin, swing and swim. The kids can enjoy boat riding in addition to the fascinating animal attractions and live shows. To the thrill seekers, it is heaven and not just a theme park!

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The shoppers can shop and do other fun stuff at Victoria and Alfred waterfront. It has both local and international shops as well as entertainment such as cape wheeling. It’s a good place to dine and wine when in Cape Town. There are so many tourist places to visit in Cape Town in addition to these few ones above. I recommend you book the Hop-on Hop-off city bus tour to make your tour easy.


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